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You don't have to Downsize alone

Big life transitions can be very stressful. Especially when it comes to moving. Or maybe you're not ready to move quite yet, but you'd like to start downsizing after accumulating things in your home for 20+ years. Sorting through your belongings and needing to make decisions about what stays or goes can be exhausting - both physically and emotionally.

Thankfully, our Organizing Associate Hannah can expertly guide you through the process, so you don't have to go it alone. Partnering with family and friends can be helpful, but we often hear of extra tension that arises in those relationships. Plus, they don't always know the best way to tackle downsizing, as Hannah does.

I've asked Hannah to share more about how she can guide you, or a loved one, through the challenging process of downsizing your home...

I would love to help people get ready for a downsize! There are three different areas where I am able to help a client: #1: Get their home ready for sale by organizing spaces - rooms, closets, drawers, etc. Much like a stager, I help a home look its very best, so when buyers walk through they are not distracted by disorganized and crowded spaces. This might involve removing some clutter from the home to either boxes that are kept in the basement or garage or some off-site location until the home is sold.   #2: Get their home ready for a move, which can happen before the home is put on the market (if there is enough time) or after the home is sold. During this process I can:

  • Help the client sort through their belongings and identifying items that can be permanently removed by giving them to a family member or friend, selling, donating or disposing of them. I can recommendations for where items might go - e.g., specific consignment shops, auction houses, or charities.

  • Figure out how much of their furniture and belongings will fit in their next home and help them make decisions about which pieces and items will go to their next home.

#3: Organize their belongings in their new home, placing and arranging items so that they can be conveniently used and found. This could include any room, closet or drawer but especially kitchens, pantries, and closets. Depending on the space, I could unpack the client's boxes to get a particular space organized. I would (if necessary) make storage and organizing product recommendations like bins. I would also refer the client to Laura if they are interested in having anything customized like kitchen/bathroom drawers or closets. Any of these services could be purchased by the client or the realtor. Some realtors have suggested that a nice house warming gift would be a certain number of hours of assistance with organizing after a client moves in. So in summary, I am happy to provide these services:

  • Sort items and purge items.

  • Make recommendations for where items can go (if not to the client's new home).

  • Figure out how much can fit in the client's new home.

  • Organize rooms, closets and drawers (and unpack boxes in some cases).

  • Make recommendations for storage and organizing products.

The following are services that we don't provide and would need to outsource:

  • Packing items into boxes.

  • Moving boxes, furniture or any other items.

  • Taking furniture or collectibles to consignment shops or charities.

  • Having items appraised.

If you'd like to enlist Hannah's help in your upcoming downsizing project, you can schedule a consultation with her. We'd love the opportunity to support you through your life transition.

Weathertight storage totes from The Container Store
Weathertight storage totes from The Container Store

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