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Organized Baby: Clothes in the Nursery Closet and Dresser

We're having a baby! We've been waiting for Henry for a long time, so it's fun to finally prepare to welcome a baby into our family. Welcoming him into our HOME is fun too but comes with its challenges.

Babies require a lot of STUFF. So we've needed to do a lot of purging and rearranging to make room for him and his clothing, gear, accessories, etc. Good thing we get 9 months to prepare for this big adjustment, right?

After much debate it was determined that Henry's nursery would take over my home office. (Yes, I teared up when we removed my desk from that sunny room...a chapter in Pieces into Place history was ending, if I allowed myself to be dramatic.) It was especially hard to leave that recently-upgraded home office closet! See the details of that transformation here. A visual recap of the closet's journey is depicted below...

The most impactful parts of the transformation were:

  • The removal of the sliding doors

  • Painting the closet walls Sherwin Williams "Naval"

  • Installing adjustable shelving using the elfa system from The Container Store

Newly upgraded elfa closet system for home office with decor shelves and fascia.
Upgraded elfa closet system for home office with decor shelves and fascia.

Plus, all the bins and baskets kept all my office supplies and marketing materials organized. I found what I needed at The Container Store, of course:

That room and closet served my business well for over 3 years, but now we're starting a new, exciting chapter! And we can't wait for Baby Boy to arrive in a few weeks!

The transition from office to nursery closet could not have been easier, thanks to the flexibility of the elfa system! I only had to make 2 adjustments:

  1. Remove a row of shelving (which got installed near the top of my husband's master closet)

  2. Reinstall the hanging rod (from its former role in my master closet design)

hanging baby clothes
Can you even handle the cuteness??

I consolidated a lot of my office supplies and migrated those bins into another room, where my desk now resides. Since I love those white plastic bins with handles so much, I was able to repurpose some (and buy more) for Henry's closet!

While I still have lots of tweaking to do and want to label all the bins, we're in a good place with this project! We'd be OK if Henry arrived early, but we hope he stays cooking in there for awhile yet. Plus, we have even more storage in his large dresser!

I'm experimenting with different drawer organizers, including bins of various sizes and adjustable drawer dividers. Because the drawers don't pull out all the way (for safety reasons), I like using bins that I can remove from the drawer for better visibility. But the drawer dividers tend to maximize space. What is YOUR preference?

While I know the organizational systems of this nursery will be ever-evolving, it has been a really fun and rewarding project so far! Especially since I get to imagine Henry in all these tiny, adorable clothes!

If you need help designing your nursery (or home office) storage, let us know! We'd love to assist!

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