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Do you know the feeling?

The feeling of serenity, comfort and relief in knowing that everything in your home is put away. The feeling of confidence in finding the thing you're looking for right away. It's a great feeling, right?

However, sometimes life is messy, and that's OK. Your house might not always look like it does when you have guests arriving in 5 minutes. Your house can look "lived in" while also being organized. Things can have an assigned "home" where your family can find it next time. We're here to help with that. We'll put your pieces into place.

Our Team

Our Team

Laura Gramann Richter

CEO & Organizational Designer

Experience Level: Expert

Hi! My name is Laura! I love helping people experience the amazing benefits of organization. While I am super motivated and results-oriented, I also am patient and work at my client's pace. Along with my label maker and toolkit, I bring a calm & fun presence to chaotic environments.

In the past 6 years, I've worked with hundreds of people to help them achieve their organizational goals. Whether you desire improved accessibility or maximization of space, I will partner with you to create beautifully organized solutions in your home. My specialties include closets and kitchens, but I've organized all areas of houses and am open to any challenge.

Hannah Harris

Organizational Associate

Experience Level: Advanced

Hi, I'm Hannah! I enjoy helping people simplify their surroundings by organizing their belongings. I make it my goal to help you find new homes for the items you no longer want and appreciate the items you choose to keep. I find it rewarding to empty a drawer, closet, desk or room and put it back together in an organized way. The goal is a simplified, streamlined and calm environment.


I have a particular interest in helping people downsize. I am efficient and nonjudgmental and have a can-do attitude. I look forward to working with you!  

Valerie Carlson

Organizational Associate

Experience Level: Advanced

Hello there, I'm Valerie! I'm just a type-A lady who alleviates the anxiety of life through organization and simplification. I believe that organization can be both functional and fun, effective and beautiful. Let me help you take control of your life and work my magic on your space!

During your organization session, you can expect a supportive, judgement-free ally in your simplification mission. I will help you prioritize projects and opportunities within your space, declutter and downsize, and establish functional processes that make it easy to maintain your newfound organization system!

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