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Organized Baby: Diaper Changing Table

Why did it have to be so difficult to find the perfect solution? You would think that, as an Organizer, I would be drawn to all the pretty "diaper changing caddies" available for purchase. But I wasn't impressed. Why?

Most of them had lots of compartments. Cool!

Many were made of felt. Ok, but why? Isn't that challenging to clean?

Several had handles for portability. Thoughtful, but what if mine wasn't going to migrate anywhere? Wouldn't the handles just get in the way?

Lots had cute prints or a woven basket appearance. That's nice for some but not for our simple, angular, midcentury modern aesthetic.

Where was our perfect solution??

Sometimes the search query isn't as detailed as "diaper changing caddy" or "diaper changing table organizer." I needed to think outside the box...and inside the bin.

I found what we needed in the Kitchen section at The Container Store. The "all-purpose divided bin" from The Home Edit product line. Here's what I love about it:

  • Clear = we can see everything inside

  • Not fabric = easy cleaning of content spills and baby boy "firehose spray"

  • Divided = diapers stand tall in their section and don't overflow into other compartment

  • Plastic = doesn't damage the wood diaper changing insert on top of dresser (like acrylic or metal might)

  • Not tapered = even though it is stackable, the sides are dramatically tapered, which can limit types of storage contents and promote spillage

  • Subtle handles = easily handled when lifting up to clean around/under it

  • All-purpose = can be used differently in the future when diapers aren't needed

  • Durable = should last through potty-training ages on multiple kids (God-willing)

Baby Henry is 8 weeks old, and this bin has been put through the paces already! We are so pleased with our selection and want to tell parents everywhere about it!

Bonus: our favorite products so far...

Aren't the dog print canvases cute? We found them by this artist on Etsy!

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