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Why would you need an organizing subscription?

Does this sound like you? "I'd like to get organized, but..."

"...I don't have the time."

"...I don't know where to start."

" partner/kid/roommate is messy."

"...I'm completely overwhelmed."

" systems never seem to work."

Take comfort in knowing you are not alone. This is very common, and I've heard it from our clients hundreds of times. Also know that those remarks and feelings are valid and understandable.

You know what I hear when a client tells me those things? "I am motivated to get organized and see the value in being organized, yet I will need some help getting there." That is why I have been in this business for nearly 7 years. Many wonderful, smart, capable people need a professional organizer to help them reach their goals. That is where I (and my team) come into the picture. We are trained to guide people through the somewhat-daunting process of getting organized.

Our clients' goals vary greatly, so each session we conduct is very different. Here is a small sampling of those goals and projects:

- Tidy the basement/garage/shed/storage unit/etc.

- Wrap holiday presents.

- Develop a system for craft supplies.

- Create a spreadsheet for tracking bills/expenses/contacts/etc.

- Maximize space in a tiny closet.

- Improve accessibility in deep cabinets or awkward storage rooms.

- Alphabetize and categorize a collection of books/movies/cards/etc.

- Implement a mail sorting station for incoming papers.

- Install shelving to better utilize vertical space.

- Filter through email inbox and online files.

- Purge old files from previous house/job/bank/decade/etc.

No goal is too big or small, too strange or common, too simple or complex. We help our clients tackle any organizational project using a variety of methods. Most clients want us to be hands-on, guiding them every step of the way.

I'd like to highlight our newest service called "Organizing Subscriptions," created by demand from our clients. They were asking for more consistent sessions to ensure timely progress and accountability. By scheduling regular sessions they found that we achieved their goals faster and were able to maintain their newly implemented organizational systems. As long as they had already invested in many hours of organizing, why would they want to halt progress on their project and risk sliding back to old habits? Our clients are comforted in knowing an organizer is coming back to keep them moving in the right direction and sticking to new good habits.

For people with simple or short-term organizational goals, sometimes they just need an organizer to guide them for two 5-hour sessions in one week. For others, they need to tackle their organizational project(s) in smaller chunks that their busy schedule and energy level could allow. That is when an organizational subscription can prove very beneficial. Learn more about our subscription offerings here.

We know you're visiting our website because you, or a loved one, is interested in getting organized. No matter what the project or how you'd like to tackle it, we are here to help you achieve your organizational goal(s). Good job learning more about these wonderful resources available to you! You're one step closer to becoming organized!

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