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Unique storage solutions for kids

I love learning organizational ideas from other smart people. We currently have two Organizing Field Correspondents who are moms of young kids and have tested ideas to share with us. Want to be another Field Correspondent for us? Message me at!

Lisa is my cousin and soul sister, and she is the mother of three young boys (ages 5yo and under). She is really organized and wanted to share some unique organizing ideas for kid storage that you might not have seen before. Thanks for sharing your ideas and photos, Lisa!

Outdoor toy organization using a deck box

Deck box so things stay out of the weather and kids can easily gain access to it. Easy to spray off the box from pollen, bird poop and Popsicle drippings. Also serves as extra seating for gatherings.

You can buy this deck box on Amazon.

Kid station on a door

This was designed by Laura! It holds all of our daily essentials/items in case I don't have a chance to run upstairs. Hearing aid supplies, first aid kit, extra socks and outfits for the kids, sunscreen/sunglasses for outdoor fun and light coats.

You can purchase a similar configuration of this elfa door rack drop zone at The Container Store.

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