Seven years going strong!

It's crazy to think that I've been running Pieces into Place LLC for SEVEN YEARS as of this month. When I left my job at Google in California to pursue my passion project of Home Organizing, I could not have imagined what a roller coaster this journey has been. Did you know I launched my first website (see below) marketing services related to home organizing, event management, AND dog sitting?? Guess which services garnered the most interest initially. Yup, dog sitting!

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

Have you ever wondered where I got the name from? Maybe you're thinking of puzzle pieces that perfectly fit into place. (Or you mistakenly heard me say "pizzas into place" over the phone, which has happened more than once. While pizzas are my favorite food, it's not where the name originated.) When I moved back to WI from CA, I lived with my parents in Hartland. I would take our dog Duke for walks around the neighborhood trails in the fall and listen to music. One day I was listening to Taylor Swift while walking through the leaves and heard her sing "autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place" in her song All Too Well. That was it! It hit me, and I was sold. My tagline revealed itself quickly afterward: "Finding a fit for all of life's details."

My first business card with my CA cell!

My dear friend Gretchen Bahr of Faith Photography was kind enough to do my first headshots at my Brookfield apartment in the summer of 2014. I used those photos THOROUGHLY. Here are a few never-before-seen photos from that photo shoot of baby-face Laura (29 years old). OMG.

I've been creating websites since high school, starting with my NSYNC fan site Pleasing2theEye. So I've been modifying my business website via Wix and reinventing the homepage every few years (yes, there is a new one in the works right now)!

Home page from 2014
Home page from 2017
Home page from 2019
Today's Home Page, launched in 2020

I'm so proud to say that we've grown every year - both financially and in team members! While we no longer offer dog sitting (even though I LOVE dogs), we offer home organizing and organizational design services throughout southeastern Wisconsin. I totally light up when I get to design a new master closet, pantry, home office, or mudroom for a family. My passion for helping people get organized in their homes has evolved over seven years, and I'm so thankful that I still get to stay true to my original vision for this company.

Thank you for supporting this small business, which provides income for our lil family and for the families of our team members. We appreciate every shared post, every referral, and every job we get hired to do (big or small)! Message us if you need help getting your Pieces into Place!

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