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Erik and I just celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary, and we had fun reminiscing about our special day. We had opted to do a "first look" prior to our ceremony, so we could experience our full emotions in a private setting...atop an empty parking structure in Milwaukee's Third Ward. It was magical. This photo is Erik first seeing me in my wedding dress. Isn't that the reaction every bride wants their groom to have??

Erik, the groom, overjoyed upon seeing his bride at their "first look" on their wedding day. Photo by Lottie Lillian.

I had seen that reaction before but not with my husband. Sometimes my clients have the same reaction when they see the "after." So many emotions surge in that moment when they realize their space has been transformed...when they know their home is now organized. Often they had worked alongside me for the duration of the project and were finally taking a step back to admire our efforts. Other times they came home to see the project I had been tackling independently for them, and their jaw dropped to the floor.

Over the many years of working with happy clients, they have shared with me their emotional journeys of overcoming disorganization. Initially, they often feel overwhelmed, discouraged, unsupported, and defeated. Then they reach some sort of breaking point or forced transition and decide to face their disorganization head-on. That's when they reach out to me and my team to guide them.

We provide support, resources, and encouragement to help our clients confidently manage their organizing projects. Once we've made significant progress, and especially once completed, the client feels so much better! They sleep well and feel relieved, knowing their burden has been lifted. You can read these testimonials here.

Sometimes we provide dramatic transformations, yet other times we make subtle changes that substantially improve their routines and lives overall. We love helping our clients feel the amazing beneficial power of organization, especially when we see their joyful reactions. But any smile will suffice. :-)

Start the journey toward YOUR "after" by visiting our Services page. We'd love to see your smile.

Laura, the bride, striding toward her groom for their "first look." Photo by Lottie Lillian.

Bride and groom united at their "first look" on their wedding day. Photo by Lottie Lillian.

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