Organizing the Impressive Shoe Collection of Packers Player Davante Adams

The Packers had an awesome season! You know why? I do. Their amazing Wide Receiver Davante Adams received the gift of organization! Therefore, his mind was able to focus on more important things, like football and family. (Yes, I know that my rationale is a purely speculative, subjective, biased, and unfounded conjecture). His thoughtful wife Devanne arranged to have our team bring 204 clear shoe boxes to their home in Green Bay and organize Davante's impressive collection of shoes. Here are the details of how it played out...

The Milwaukee location of The Container Store was so helpful and went above and beyond to make this happen on short notice. Their team joined us to open 34 cardboard boxes (each box held a case of 6 shoe boxes), unpack the shoe boxes, strategically load them into our cars, break down the boxes, and remove the packaging. It took 30 minutes for our team of 4 to carefully load the cars.

1 of 2 full pallets of shoe box cases!

So, while keeping safe driving and visibility in mind, we carefully loaded each shoe box into every open space available in the SUVs. We had 2 cars and 2 drivers, along with some tools and supplies, and we could not have fit anyone or anything else in there!

Very strategic about the placement of each box!

We did it! We successfully loaded the cars (yes, we did experience a few moments of doubt along the way) and then hit the road for Green Bay (about 2 hours away).

We fit all 204 boxes into our 2 cars perfectly!

Once we arrived at the house, we had to work stealthily because this was a surprise from Devanne to Davante and he would be coming home from practice soon. So we had about 2 hours to complete the project before he arrived. Thankfully, Devanne's family was there to lend a hand! We created an assembly line to bring the shoe boxes into the basement:

1. Erik and I unloaded the cars and each brought stacks of 4 shoe boxes to the front door.

2. Devanne received the boxes and took a few steps to the top of the basement stairs.

3. Devanne's brother took the boxes down the stairs and created stacks in the basement.

4. Devanne's mom kept baby Daija entertained during all the commotion.

When Erik and I entered the basement, we got to see the shoe collection, partly crammed on fabric shoe shelves and many still in the original boxes. The goal was to make all his stunning shoes visible and accessible, while protecting them in between uses.

Before: less-than-ideal shoe storage

Being sponsored by Nike definitely has its perks, and Davante receives fun new shoes - especially the coveted "Jordans" on a regular basis. But he needed a better way to display and store all his cool shoes that would also keep the shoes accessible while protecting them. We decided that arranging the shoe wall by color would be the best way to showcase the collection. Fortunately, the drop-front shoe boxes are stackable and made a relatively sturdy wall to fill with shoes, accessible from the front.

We stacked the shoe boxes against a solid wall.
Erik assigned each pair to a box based on color.

The 4 of us started by pulling all the shoes out of the boxes and off the shelves and arranging them by color theme on the floor. Then Erik started placing each pair in a box, starting on the left side of the stacks with black shoes. The size 13 shoes fit perfectly in the clear drop-front shoe boxes from The Container Store, with both shoes laying on their sides. I started working on the right side of the stacks, placing white shoes in the boxes. We wanted to create a rainbow shoe wall!

Check out those bright colors!
Rainbow wall of shoes!
Feeling proud of our accomplishments!

If you're interested in showcasing your shoe collection, check out these clear drop-front shoe boxes (they come in black, red, white, and blue also)!

We had fun working on this project for Davante and were proud to support him and the Packers during their winning season! Go Pack Go!!

Special shoutout to my husband Erik for putting his muscles and OCD tendencies to good use during this project!! He is MVP in my book!

Erik did a great job arranging the majority of the shoes!

Davante even shared a glimpse of the finished project in his Instagram Stories to his 756k followers!

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