Home Office Closet Upgrade

Sometimes it just feels forced. You're trying to work with what you have, and it's not going well. That's where I found myself in my home office.

I had sliding doors that hid the mess inside the closet filled with "special occasion" clothes, shoes and accessories. Who even attends "special occasions" anymore during a pandemic?? When we first moved into this home, I added a free-standing shelving unit on the right side to hold my office supplies and marketing materials. As my business has grown, so has my inventory of work-related items. Things gathered on the floor outside the closet, since I had run out of room. I felt unsettled and frustrated every time I opened one of the annoyingly squeaky and cumbersome doors. Something had to change.

The transitional display while waiting for the clothes to find their new home.

I decided to give my office closet the upgrade it needed. With the help of my husband Erik, we removed the ancient doors and closet system and gave the walls a fresh coat of paint (Sherwin Williams "Naval"). Then we moved my elfa system from my bedroom clothing closet into this office closet (pictured above) and added a few more components while they were on sale (pictured below).

Newly upgraded elfa closet system for home office with decor shelves and fascia.

Then came the fun part: shopping for bins and organizers for all my supplies! Of course, I went to The Container Store and found what I was looking for:

While I have yet to decide on my labeling strategy, I also wanted to live with the space a bit before committing to the bins and categories. I'll update this post once the labels have been added.

Beautiful (and washable) rug from Ruggable. Cambria Sapphire.

Now I love sitting in my office and having a great Zoom background when I'm on video calls! I feel calm and organized and appreciate being able to easily grab marketing materials when I'm running out the door.

What do you think? Could you live with a closet that has no doors? Do you like the bold paint choice?

If you need help designing your home office storage, let us know! We'd love to assist!