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Dealing with Holiday Clutter

During the holiday season you may notice an influx of clutter filling your home. Sometimes it's good things like Holiday Cards from loved ones, but sometimes it's cardboard boxes from online shopping. How can you ensure that you're NOT inadvertently covering every surface in your home with all these things?

Give everything a home right away.

Holiday cards: place in a special basket or on a bulletin board to scan or file away later.

Gift cards or coupons: set in a special envelope that lives in a purse, drawer, or car that is easily accessible.

Amazon boxes: break down most of them right away for recycling. Otherwise, keep 2-3 of various sizes for gift packaging.

Leftover food containers from guests: Put a sticky note with the guest's name on it. Place it by the back door or other place where you'll be reminded to give it back. OR check with the guest to see if they even want it back!

Gift wrap: Organize gift wrap and accessories on a convenient door (on this door rack) or in a cart (like this one) in the basement, craft room, etc.

The more "homes" you can give these types of items and slap a pretty label on the container, the more you'll feel at ease during this chaotic season. Your family will appreciate the structure and will likely be able to help put things away too!

Bonus Wisdom: When you know the influx is coming, prepare for it by doing a special pre-holiday purge. Then you can actually keep the things that bring you joy this season!

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