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9 Things Used Daily by a Professional Organizer

As a Professional Organizer I often get asked for recommendations for the best organizing products. While there are likely many solutions to an organizing problem, I've shared 9 of the products I use on a daily basis in my own home. These items keep our house organized and make our lives easier. Since I'm a big fan of The Container Store, most of these products can be found there.

These attractive and sturdy woven baskets were the only bins we put on our wedding registry. They organize our towels and heating pads, and they've worked great in my clients' pantries and closets also. The liner is washable! Plus, the baskets come in 2 convenient sizes.

I'm not a good cook, but my husband Erik is, thankfully! When he makes one of his amazing dinners, we have him cook in bulk to provide many leftover meals. Those leftovers go into glass food storage containers with snap lids and live in the fridge to eat tomorrow or in our deep freezer to eat weeks later. It's easy to see the contents, which have been preserved nicely without freezer burn.

Our junk drawer and my bathroom drawer house an assortment of these white drawer organizers, which clip into each other to prevent shifting and disorder. These are individually labeled in the junk drawer, so we can easily find the scissors, pens, rubber bands, coupons, etc, AND easily put things away.

These handy zippered folders come in several sizes and get used in a variety of ways. In the car they store my closet brochures and samples. In my office they hold some active projects and greeting cards I've received. When we travel we put tickets and passports in the smaller pouch.

Since I've already admitted that I'm not a chef, you must surmise that I am likely a grazer. This is true. I love my snacks! Our snacks have happy homes in our POP Canisters, where they stay fresh and easily accessible.

These bins (which come in many colors and sizes) are super versatile for nearly any organizing project. In our house they live in our pantry, linen closet, coat closet for hats, scarves, and mittens, and in our bathroom closet.

For many years I have used these extensively in my clients' homes for many uses, and now I get to use them throughout my own home! These bins are sturdy with minimal tapering, which means they don't waste space. They're great in pantries, bathrooms, kitchens, utility closets, and even some offices!

My elfa door rack has lived many lives in 3 of my homes/apartments. In the 2 apartments it was mounted on the back of my bathroom door, holding extra toilet paper, shampoo bottles, and other hair care products. In our house it is mounted on our linen closet door holding vacuum attachments, fabric care products, and travel purses, like my fanny pack!

We use 2 sets of these hooks in our house: 1 in the mudroom and 1 near the front door. They flip up when not in use for a stylish and functional purpose. We mostly use the hooks for coats and dog towels and leashes.

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