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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the organizing process work?

We start with the initial consultation, which can be over the phone or, more commonly, in your home. Our team wants to learn as much as possible about your project and organizational goals. Then we will devise a strategy, provide a quote, and schedule future sessions. Most of the time we will work alongside you to purge, sort, and put away your items. Otherwise, we have clients who are very time-strapped and delegate the entire project to our team and only weigh-in for important decisions. 

If you need a design for custom storage or closets, we will take measurements and share a draft of the design with you within a few days. During the initial consultation we will talk you through the features of the different shelving systems we use, so you can choose the best solution for your space and your budget.

Will you make me throw everything away?

No! Our role is to hold your hand through the process and gently guide you toward your organizational goals. You will be responsible for making decisions about each of your items, and we will help you find the perfect home for the items you keep. We may ask you tough questions, but you are in total control of the things in your home. If we find a selection of things that could be tossed or donated, we will show them to you so you can decide their fates.

How much does it cost?

Every project is quoted based on degree of difficulty and level of involvement by our team, so we must first schedule the initial consultation to give an accurate quote. We work with a variety of budgets and provide creative solutions to work within your ideal investment range. There is a fee for the initial consultation, but it can be refunded when you buy a minimum number of organizing hours.

What is the service area?

We provide in-home organizing for residents of the Greater-Milwaukee area. Upon special request we can travel to your home outside of the Milwaukee area. For car travel a fee of $3/mile for each mile outside the Milwaukee area may be applied (usually beyond 25 miles from our homes). We have trusted organizer referrals in Chicago and Madison that we partner with, so please ask us for more info!

Can I buy a gift card?

Gift cards are a great way to show someone you care about their health and well-being. Instead of giving things which can turn into clutter, giving organization can be a wonderful alternative to traditional physical gifts. Thoughtful people have purchased our gift cards for new home owners, new parents, future home sellers, birthdays, and Christmas, for example. We offer virtual gift cards that can be purchased online.

What types of projects can you help with?

Our clients' goals vary greatly, so each session we conduct is very different. Here is a small sampling of those goals and projects:

- Tidy the basement/garage/shed/storage unit/etc.

- Wrap holiday presents.

- Develop a system for craft supplies.

- Create a spreadsheet for tracking bills/expenses/contacts/etc.

- Maximize space in a tiny closet.

- Improve accessibility in deep cabinets or awkward storage rooms.

- Alphabetize and categorize a collection of books/movies/cards/etc.

- Implement a mail sorting station for incoming papers.

- Install shelving to better utilize vertical space.

- Filter through email inbox and online files.

- Purge old files from previous house/job/bank/decade/etc.

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