MicroProject: Craft Supplies


This small project will leave a big impact! With the help of a Professional Organizer for 1 hour via video chat (with additional phone and email support), you will have the guidance needed to complete this project. Plus, she will provide you with any necessary organizing products (valued at $15-30), so you don’t have to waste time researching the perfect solution. You will feel accomplished and proud of your efforts in a short amount of time.

  • The Process

    1. Brief phone chat (or email exchange) with Organizer about your project.

    2. Send Organizer any relevant dimensions and photos.

    3. Approve the selection of organizing products (if applicable) that the Organizer has expertly chosen for your specific project.

    4. Products are delivered to your home. (See Disclaimer about assembly/installation.)

    5. Use a video chat platform for up to 1 hour with Organizer, who will patiently and efficiently guide you step-by-step through the organizing process of your specific project. 

    6. Celebrate your success and feel the calm that organization provides! Get ready for your next Micro Project!

  • System Requirements

    Customer must have access to a video chat platform, such as Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc. If not, we can use emailed/texted photos and phone conversations, but it could compromise the quality of the solution.

  • Disclaimers

    Organizing products will be either hand-delivered by a Pieces into Place team member, shipped to the customer’s home, or can be picked-up by the customer at The Container Store using curbside pickup. If additional products are deemed necessary (beyond the $30 limit), the Organizer can make recommendations for the customer to purchase at their own discretion. Recommendations may or may not include items from the project photo description.

    While the Customer has 1 hour of virtual organizing via video chat with the Organizer, the project may extend beyond that time allotment. Customer may send follow-up questions to Organizer relating to the immediate scope of the outlined micro project.

    We encourage the Customer to complete the Micro Project within 6 months of purchase. The value of the purchase doesn’t expire, but the service and products are subject to change.

    Any product assembly/installation will need to be completed by the customer (or a 3rd party) at the customer’s expense. The Organizer is unable to complete such in-home services for this virtual project. 

    Before & After photos taken by Customer may be used for marketing purposes by Pieces into Place but won’t include Customer’s identifying information.